How to set up your own Hair Retention Programme

Most of us take our healthy shining head of hair for granted. However an ever increasing number of people are suffering from hair loss, thinning hair or falling hair. The impact of this on an individual can have many consequences from lack of self esteem and confidence to becoming unsociable and reclusive. 

There are many products on the market which have been developed to try to deal with losing hair, but do any of then actually address the root of the problem. 

Hair growth and the condition of our hair is affected by several factors-some we can address and others such as hereditary factors we have little or no control over. The following factors can all affect the hair and its healthy growth; inadequate diet, scalp infections, certain medicines, hormonal changes, stress, lifestyle and use of harsh chemicals. By addressing these factors, we can increase our chances of keeping hair for longer as well as supporting its growth to have healthy, thicker hair. 

Hair cannot be considered as an entity of its own; it is an extension of the skin and hence needs to be treated as such. Men and women’s hair have differing needs; hence the products we use on our hair have to reflect this. In the present day culture of eating fast and processed foods could it be that a lack of certain essential vitamins and minerals in our diet is a major cause of our hair problems? Research carried out in Japan showed that people living in the interiors of the country where they ate more traditional food of fruits, vegetables and soya products, all foods rich in vitamins and minerals compared to fast foods eaten in the larger cosmopolitan cities had healthier and thicker hair. 

In independent trials, 2 out of 3 people who had thinning hair found their felt thicker after using a supplement rich in hair nutrients such as botanical marine proteins, multivitamins and minerals. Around 50% of these people also felt there was a reduction in the number of hairs they were losing. 

Some herbs such as Indian Gooseberry (Amla-emblica officinalis) are potent free radical scavengers, Fenugreek- rich in vitamins and minerals and Saw palmetto (Serenoa repens), thought to work by preventing the breakdown of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone – a factor in hair loss and hair thinning, have been traditionally used for hair thinning and hair loss. 

Some authorities suggest an over usage of common cleaning agents present in the vast majority of shampoos -such as the lauryl sulphates and chemicals in this family may be a possible problem for some scalps. For these people it may be wise to use hair products that do not have these harsh chemicals in them.  Hair shampoos such as Nutrigro or Amway may be suitable alternatives. 

As a therapist, the way in which you can help your clients and your business is to set up a Hair Retention Programme

This is already being implemented in salons and hair dressers and offers a customer the complete package in helping to overcome their hair problems and thus instil back the confidence and self –esteem where it is required.  At present the main Hair Retention Plan is only available in Pharmacies. Now there is one available for therapists in the Hair and Beauty Industry. 

Why start a Hair Retention Plan? 

You could help your clients with their hair thinning and hair loss, improve job satisfaction, achieve new client interest, retain your present clients, increase your range of services and increase your profit. 

What is involved? 

You would be trained in reviewing the individual’s hair or scalp problem with the aid of a questionnaire. From this you would be able to offer different treatments from: regular treatments with low level laser comb, do an Ayurvedic head massage to stimulate follicles and encourage flow of nutrients to the hair follicles by working on marma points to promote hair growth, show the client the correct way of shampooing to prevent further loss of hair, give healthy lifestyle advice, offer suitable supplements with harsh chemical free shampoo and conditioner. Follow up reviews are carried out weekly.  

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