Coolherbals were proud to headline the #InternationalYogaDay Events

 21 st June 2018 has seen people all over the world celebrate International Yoga Day. In London the day started off with a procession in Aldwych outside the High Commission of India to highlight the importance of the day.

This was followed by presentations by local school children, the importance of Yoga in Society by Heather Mason, Pypt Yoga by Ravi Bhanot and Jyoti Joshi. The mathematics behind Yogic Energy by Bali Bhalla Reiki Master was enlightening. The events culminated in a presentation by 8 year old Ishwar Sharma, the youngest yoga world record holder.

The Coolherbals team then dashed across London to the iconic Victoria Tower, where a presentation by Sushma Bhanot – Co-founder of Coolherbals – on the best yoga postures for your body was demonstrated within the shadows of the impressive Palace of Westminster.

People from all cultures gathered to celebrate the International Yoga Day 2018. Another rush hour sprint through London took the Coolherbals Team to East London for the grand finale which was dance yoga courtesy of D style Dancers headed by the very capable Dhruv.
The participants enjoyed some dance yoga moves followed by a chill out meditation session, demonstrating the different formats yoga can take to suit the individual.

In spite of the fun had by all , the message is a serious one , yoga has a huge place in society and the benefits are demonstrated daily. There is growing evidence of how yoga can help with chronic conditions such as diabetes and back pain and how it can relieve some of the enormous pressure on the NHS through dedicated research.

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