1. The Syllabus

The Ayurveda Institute of Europe reserves the right to amend or update the syllabuses of all courses at any time.

2. Certification

The Ayurveda Institute of Europe awards certification on the successful completion of a course and does not constitute a licence to practice. It is the responsibility of the student to ensure and adhere to laws and regulations of their own country.

3. Copyright

All rights reserved. The Ayurveda Institute exercises its intellectual copyright over all its materials.
All written lessons, audiotapes, videotapes and CDs etc. are copyrighted and may not be publicly displayed or copied in whole or part, reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means electronic, mechanical, photocopied, recorded or otherwise except with the prior written authorisation of the Ayurveda Institute. All materials may be kept by the student for his or her personal use only.

4. Refund Policy

Under statutory regulation in the United Kingdom the student is able to cancel their agreement with the Ayurveda Institute within 7 days of enrolment, providing all study material is returned to us intact.

5. Integrity

All students, graduated, Fellows and tutors of the Institute pledge to uphold the goodwill, integrity, reputation and teaching of the British Institute worldwide.

6. Application of Course Materials

All course materials are provided for education purposes only. Students may opt to work by email.

7. Time

Students may complete their studies in their own time although we recommend that courses be completed within 12 months from commencement. The Institute does not recommend completion of a course in less than 4 months and would expect that the courses would not take more than 18 months.

8. Marking

Grades of A+/- to C- are given for the assessment of coursework, with C- being the lowest pass grade. Should a student fail to reach this level for any module their coursework will be returned to them ungraded with their tutor’s comments and a request that they re-submit their work for re-assessment, without charge.

The Institute will endeavour to return test papers within 21 days of their receipt.

9. Designatory Letters

Students can only uses designatory letters such as Dip. (Ayur.) after they have satisfactory completed their course of studies and passed the final examination set by the Institute.