” We absolutely loved the training Coolherbals provided to our staff. Our beauticians have learned new techniques for the body massage and also had the chance to test and work with natural products. The trainer was very good and offered extensive information.”

Signature Beauty Salon, Eastleigh 

” Hands-on training by Coolherbals. Comprehensive sections, clear and concise. The trainer was very friendly and I have found the Ayurvedic Head massage, the Ayurvedic Back Massage and the Body Therapies excellent.”

Helena O’Donnell, Gymophobics

” Very thorough and informative training on Ayurvedic Head and Back Massage. Lots of ideas and good practical knowledge offered by Coolherbals trainer. The Shirodhara Massage and the Slimming Programme are great and I would market the treatments to my clients.”

Gretel LillyGymophobics

” Coolherbals training on Ayurvedic Facials and Body Therapies helped me by improving the knowledge I had on ayurvedic products, herbal products, and their benefits on the body. I considered the training excellent and enjoyed the information received about the Ayurvedic Face Lift Massage as I got to know new facial steps crucial when you are providing quality services.”

Anika, Navara Beauty Salon, 23 Peacocks Shopping Centre

” I enjoyed the 24 Carat Gold Training very much. I especially appreciate the way Coolherbals trainer helped me through the theory. The best part has to be the training about the CoolSlim Body Wrap. I would recommend it to my clients as it reduces fat visibly and the slimming massage also helps you digest the food efficiently, therefore benefitting the body in the long run.”

Amandeep Kaur, Adorn Beauty, Intu Lakeside, Unit 96

” For me, the best part about Coolherbals training has to be the 24 Carat Gold Facial, the Potli Massage and the CoolSlim Body Wrap sessions. After the gold facial the skin is left glowing and is much improved. I would recommend it to anyone wanting to achieve a brighter complexion. The Body Wrap works as well, as it can help reduce fat temporary and is a good solution before a special occasion or a night out. I also consider that the trainer was excellent.”

 Upmeet Kaur, Adorn Beauty, Intu Lakeside, Unit 96

” I have liked the demo about the slimming ( Body Wrap) and Potli massage techniques very much. The trainer has been excellent and I was really pleased with the training and the Coolherbals natural products.”

Bindhu Krishnan, Calista Beauty, Romford

” I loved how in-depth the Coolherbals therapist explained the treatments and I have loved all 3 sessions- the Potli massage, the Body Wrap and the 24 Carat Gold Facial – as it allowed me to learn new things. I saw that as the therapist performed the body wrap, it was successful and the model actually lost inches of fat at the end of the treatment from her stomach. The 25 Carat Gold Facial has excellent results as well as it left the client skin fresh and glowing.”

Shannon Baynton, Calista Beauty, Romford

Sarah Praise, MCMA, Good Health Promotion, Milton Keynes