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7 Reasons To Come To The Nutrigro Hair Loss Training

* Free Training  * A Natural Effective Treatment For Hair Loss & Hair Thinning  * Hair Thickening Results Are Immediate  * Can Be Used Even If You Are Not A Hairdresser  * Low-Cost Treatments Gives Enhanced Profits & Job Satisfaction  * Learn LED ‘Lazer‘ Scalp Roller Technique  * Lifestyle & Nutrition Advice Training Given  * Half Day Course   * Free sample of hair loss shampoo and conditioner […]

How to set up your own Hair Retention Programme

Most of us take our healthy shining head of hair for granted. However an ever increasing number of people are suffering from hair loss, thinning hair or falling hair. The impact of this on an individual can have many consequences from lack of self esteem and confidence to becoming unsociable and reclusive.  There are many products on the market which have been […]