Making a difference – Binti charity

On 28th June 2018, the Binti International organisation held the charity event #SmashShame fashion show, an evening dedicated to creating a world where all women have menstrual dignity. Guests at the fashion show were able to support and fight against the myths and stigma around the normalisation of menstruation. The evening included a VIP champagne reception in the presence of Manoj Makwana.

Binti, a worldwide known charity with volunteers in 12 countries is an organisation at the forefront of the global menstrual change, whose aim is to help find sustainable methods to manage periods when affordability and access is an issue.

Their mantra and work ethic focus on availability, affordability where menstrual hygiene should not be costly to women and the third focus is on awareness whereby educational programmes are held to empower girls to fight the stigma surrounding menstruation. Binti works in India, Africa, and the UK and the US to achieve these goals.

Sushma Bhanot, Co-founder of Coolherbals, UK’s leading manufacturer of natural Ayurvedic products was present at the event supporting the cause and being among the sponsors who donated towards making a difference in women’s health. Coolherbals were proud to donate a luxurious spa day, as well as £2000.

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