Meditation has been shown, beyond reasonable doubt, to help in normalising blood pressure, metabolism and to balance the brain hemispheres. It helps in attaining peace with oneself and expanding the inner consciousness. The regular practice helps in the clarity of the mind. This in turn helps cleanse the body of negative energies such as resentment and hate. Meditation helps to energise the body, mind and spirit and yet also helps one to relax, reduce stress, improve health and to live in harmony. Using specific breathing patterns we can improve the amount of oxygen and energy reaching our cells and get rid of stress and toxins. How can we learn the process so that it works best for us? When and where should we practise Meditation? Learn this so both you and your clients could benefit.

Meditation: The History Indian Artifacts have played an important part in proving the history of meditation, called “Tantra”. Such artifacts have shown meditation practices dating back 5000 years. While gazing into the roaring flames of their fires, primitive hunting and gathering societies are said to have discovered meditation and its many states of consciousness. However, evolution has taken its course and meditation has evolved from mere gazing into flames into a structured practice that people use on a daily basis.

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